Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Big Talk

Here is the new picture to talk about with your family.
I would like you to think of sentences which include some super wow words to describe what you can see.

source - Vincent Noot
I will give 5 cubes for all comments made about this blog post.


  1. The boy in the blue shorts has pushed the boy in the water.
    There is a silly duck near the slide.
    The boy with the happy face is on the mushroom.

  2. Sam says that the families are having lots of fun, though there was one boy who didn't want to be pushed into the pool. He says that the girl with yellow hair looks very surprised to see a real duck in the pool. He also says that there is a boy who looks worried about playing on the waterslide.

  3. Elise said;
    I can see a girl with her head in a bubble.
    I can see a girl playing with a yellow duck and she is thinking.
    I can see a naughty boy in blue shorts pushing another boy in the water.