Friday, 20 September 2013

Dough Disco

Today we had our very first dough disco.
It was such good fun and it's great way to improve finger co-ordination and control.

This is the video we used.


"squeeze and squeeze and squeeze"

"boogie woogie"

"ball it and ball it"

"slap it and slap it"

"roll it and roll it"

I hope you all had fun today.
If you have a disco at home please let me know.


  1. Hi FS2 you all look like you were having fun today, I hope to join you next time. See you all on Monday.

  2. Hi Mrs. Warner Oliver loved the dough disco, he told us on the morning that he was having the disco but we thought that he got mixed up with a Halloween disco or something like that.

    I asked Oliver what he thought of it and he said "BRILLIANT!"

    I also, asked Oliver what happened and he told me.

  3. Wow FS2 this looks like super fun and very helful for your finger muscles too!! I think a few children in my class could do this too I think I will mention it to Miss Coomber and Mrs Jordon!! I would love to pop in next time you are having a disco!