Friday, 9 May 2014

An email from Mrs Critchley

This morning I was surprised to receive an email from Mrs Critchley about the fairies in FS2.
This is what she wrote and the photograph she sent;

Hello Mrs Warner and FS2,
I was very excited by your fairy doorway when I visited your classroom today. I haven't seen a fairy since I was a little girl, so I decided to visit your classroom when everyone had gone home. It was very quiet and I hid behind the easel and waited. After a short while I heard some very small voices, they were so quiet I couldn't tell what they were saying. I peeped over the easel and there was a little boy fairy appearing from behind the door, and a bigger girl fairy about to fly around the room. I put my camera on zoom and managed to get one photo, but they heard the click and disappeared in a little tiny flash.
I hope they came back after I went and left another message for you,
Mrs Critchley

Isn't this an incredible thing to see? So, this is what Sam and Sally look like!
I wonder if we might see them again next week, I hope so. 


  1. lewis said he has never seen a fairy so close before!!!

  2. Elise said she can't believe how gorgeous they are and she hopes they come back and leave more messages.

  3. Joe wants to know where the fairies live in his classroom, and where is fairy forest?

  4. Olivia as said please Sam and Sally can you come to our class room when were there we love you

  5. Tallulah is glad we a borrowed a laptop from Auntie Jess, so we could see the fairies and the blog. Tallulah likes the faires in FS2 and thinks they may have been model making over the weekend x

  6. It's very exciting to have visitors. I wonder if they've been in class over the weekend. I hope the wizard hasn't been up to any mischievous tricks!!
    Mrs Warner

  7. WOW! Fairies in your classroom. I can't wait to find out if they've left you any messages or been mischievous.

  8. Goodness me, real fairies in your classroom? Wow! Just wait til I tell the children in my class about it - they will be very excited for you!

    I hope you manage to spot them again. Let us know!

    Mrs Seddon (",)

  9. Elyse wants to know where did the faries come from? I love the beautiful fairies, I want to be a fairy! Can we go looking for them tomorrow?