Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Big Talk

Following our theme of faries and wizards, I thought this would make a super illustration to look at. 
Think about what you can see.
Who lives behind the door, could it be a fairy or wizard?
What do they look like?
Where is this place?

Have you ever seen a fairy?

Source - Josephine Vogel


  1. abigail megilley8 May 2014 at 17:57

    Abigail says that this could be a fairys house.the fairy may have big shiny wings with glitter on like magic dust to help her fly . An to find this secret house she could find it in the woods at the park ...

  2. I think a bad wizard lives there and he trapped three fairies. We need to save them! He's got a blue hat with a star on the pointy top and a blue coat and a big white beard. It's a tree house and it is nearby fairyland.

  3. Sam thinks that a bad wizard with a pink moustache lives in this tree house which is in fairyland. The wizard has a spiky hat with two pink stars on it, his face is pink too and he has brown hair. He is tidying up his house using his magic wand but he is not tidying up his toys because he likes them dusty. The wizard is wearing sparkly clothes and it is like treasure.

  4. Olivia ss says I think a nasty wizard livs in here. This tree is deep in the woods hidden amongst all the otger tall trees. Olivia said The fairy might live in the tree too but feels the tree belongs to the wizard. Olivia said she thinks the tree look really scary and you'd have to be very brave to go in there. She thinks if you open the door the wizard may scare you.

  5. Elise thinks the bad wizard lives here, he has a blue cardigan, a white beard, a brown stick and a blue wizard hat. The light is off because he is doing a spell on the fairies wand to stop them from working.

  6. I think the wizard moved to the scary house to get away from the fairies. Alice followed the wizard and he broke her wand. She did magic with her finger and turned him into a frog!

  7. Connor said he thinks a wizard lives here, he has a moustache, a pointy hat and a blue cloak and he knows its the wizards house because the window is dirty and wizard's dont keep their houses clean.