Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Big Talk

Here is the new image to talk about.

Source - J. Petra
Can you think of two sentences to describe what you can see?


  1. This is another wonderful picture to talk about.

    I can see a hedgehog hiding under some leaves that have fallen off the trees. I wonder if it is getting ready to go to sleep for the winter?

    Mrs Stones

  2. I can see the hedgehog, he is getting out of the leaves.
    The girl is putting the conkers in her bag, she picked them off of the floor.
    Elise Q

  3. Elisia said
    Can you see the deer in the woods watching the little boy looking for spiders and bugs in the tree trunk.
    Elisia J

  4. Oliver says it is Autumn because the leaves are falling from the trees and they have changed colour. The Animals are looking for food and getting ready for winter. The gir is collecting conkers while the boy is looking for insects.