Friday, 31 January 2014

We have two new friends in FS2

Today I introduced two new friends to FS2. I would like them to visit your house and then report back their adventures. They are nameless at the moment and I would like you to think about what we could call them.

Here they are in their uniform ready to have fun in FS2 and enjoy time with you at your house.

What should we call them?

Leave a comment with suggestions for names. Remember they are twins, just like Topsy and Tim.


  1. Matthew says the boy should be called Ben and the girl is should be called holly
    he says these names has come from Ben and hollys little kingdom

    from Matthew

  2. Oliver likes the names Mia and George because they are the two royal babies born recently.

  3. Tallulah says Charlie and Lola... like the characters from some of her favorite books

  4. Mrs Beard's Owls think we should could call the girl Matilda( Tilly) and the boy Drew

  5. Lewis thinks that they should be called Donnie and April because they are on the teenage mutant ninja turtles.