Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Big Talk

Here is the new Big Talk image created by the artist Aimee de Jongh.

Have a really close look at everything that is happening.

Your challenge this week is to think of three sentences about this picture.
Try and include lots of describing words in your sentences.


  1. Olivia ss said it looks like lots of fun, there's lots happening its like a rainbow there's so many different colours in this picture. I think the kids are very excited having lots of fun

  2. The girl with the red tied up hair is dancing near the bean bags.
    The boys are putting cones on the table so nobody can go on them.
    I can see a girl with brown hair getting ready for PE.

  3. The people are climbing the ladders.
    The people are throwing pink balls.
    The boy is sliding onto the mat.

  4. It looks like their having alot of fun.
    I would like a turn on the slide with that little boy.
    It is very busy, looks like theres alot of children.
    Connor Tate