Wednesday, 18 December 2013


This week we have been making Christingles in class. 
We learnt how to make a Christingle and the meaning behind all the different parts of it. 

We had to get an orange - this represents the world.

Next we put red tape all around the orange - this represents Jesus' love going all around the world.
We then placed a candle in the top of the orange - this represents Jesus as the light of the world.
Then we carefully placed 4 cocktail sticks around the orange - these are for the 4 seasons.
Finally we placed sweet dried fruits and sweets onto the cocktail sticks - these represent the good things that God gives us.

It was quite tricky to make and involved us using a range of fine motor skills but we were very pleased with our results. Have a look at our slideshow showing some of us making the Christingles and some of the finished results.


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