Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Big Talk

Here is the new image 

Source - Literacy Shed

Can you make a list of the things you can see?
Think of some sentences to describe what is happening.

(For every comment on the blog, I will put 2 cubes into our tub)


  1. i think it is all about christmas

    from matthew

  2. Olivia ss said 'it looks like lots of people are very busy and happy that its christmas

  3. Jared said "The people are happy because the dark came down and the lights glow brightly."

  4. Sam said "The people are looking at the Christmas things in the windows and the Christmas tree", "All the lights are on the trees because it is near Christmas" and "It is very dark and snow has come down".

  5. The snow is flaking down to the ground and the Christmas tree has got yellow lights on it.
    The mum has a baby in the pushchair and they are going shopping to buy the mummy some clothes.
    Elise Quinn

  6. Abigail , thinks everybody is getting ready for Christmas eve enjoying the lights on the shops and trees with people sing jingle bells round the Christmas tree

  7. Tallulah says it is Christmas Eve and the people are all rushing to do their last bit of shopping. The Christmas tree has lots of pretty lights on and it must be very very cold as there is snow on the ground.