Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Our first trip to the library.

On Tuesday this week we had our first trip to Whinmoor library.

We walked there as it is very close to our school.

We had a storytime while we were there and then borrowed a book each, which we brought back to school.

We saw a bus parked at the bus stop on our 
way to the library.
We were excited to get here.
After our storytime we all chose our own books.
There was so many, it was difficult to choose.
The librarian scanned all our books, 
before we could take them out.
We waited patiently for our turn.
Mrs Cameron


  1. I picked a Fifi book, I liked sneezing back into school.
    Elise Quinn

    1. I really like Fifi too, I hope you enjoyed reading it.