Saturday, 5 October 2013

Big Talk Friday 4th October

On Friday FS2 had their very first Big Talk session. (Here is a link to the original  Big Talk post)

Here is the photo we talked about

I was absolutely delighted with the responses from the children, they were very well prepared - Thank you to the grown ups!

Just a few of the observations and suggestions;

  • I think it is a Mummy or Daddy jellyfish protecting the baby
  • I wouldn't go there with out a grown up
  • The tentacles will sting
  • The man is trying to catch the jellyfish
  • My mum saw a jellyfish on the sand at the seaside
  • The man is saving the jellyfish because he is in danger from the chemicals
  • I can see 4 divers
  • The man has an oxygen mask on
What a fantastic start to Big Talk in FS2. Look out for a new Big Talk homework on Tuesday.

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