Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Shrove Tuesday!

Yesterday was Shrove Tuesday and we celebrated it in FS2.

We learnt why we celebrate Shrove Tuesday. We also learnt about Lent. We found out that Jesus went into the desert and didn't eat or drink while he was there. People now often give up something they like during Lent to remember what Jesus did, giving up food and water.

Can you remember what celebration comes after Lent?

We went on to taste different toppings on pancakes and we made a pictogram that showed our favourite. 

Shrove Tuesday! on PhotoPeach  

Can you write back and tell us about the pancakes you had at home last night.


  1. Your pancakes look delicious! We had a special 'Shrove Tuesday' lunch and had pancakes with ice cream and chocolate sauce, they were yummy! Then in the afternoon we had a try at tossing pancakes in a frying pan before having even more pancakes with sugar, chocolate spread or syrup on them. Which topping did you like the best?

    From Class 5
    St Josephs Primary School

    1. We found out that the most popular topping was jam and the least popular was lemon and sugar.
      We used the rest of the jam on the bread we made today. It was very tasty indeed.
      Mrs Warner and FS2

  2. Connor had lemon and sugar and one with strawberry sauce..he said mummy's wasn't as nice as school ones