Monday, 3 February 2014

Not A Box inspiration

Thank you for supporting your child and helping them to think of ideas for how they would use their box.

Here are some of the ideas from Friday's Big Talk;

I would make a ...

...robot and a car, it could be a fighting robot. Harrison
...motorbike. Robbie
...police van, it's bigger than a car. It's on an emergency. Alex racing car. Daniel
...castle for me, Mummy and coco. I'd be a princess. Summer ambulance to rescue people. Abigail
...transformer car, it's white and blue. It will be a friendly transformer. Dillon
...spaceship. Sam
...castle. Ellie G aeroplane with beds in it. Olivia S-S
...Power ranger car. Joe and I would live in it by myself. Connor
...boat, I'd go fishing. Riley turtle bike and all four could fit on it. Afraz
...Rapunzel castle. The people will climb up my long hair. Olivia S

Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas.


  1. Not surprised at Olivia's comment she loves princesses and castles x

  2. And absolutely no surprise with Sam as every box is a Spaceship

  3. Nice comment Olivia ss well thought x