Friday, 8 November 2013

Big Talk session

Thank you to the adults for spending time talking to the children about the photograph above.

Here are some of the responses from the class; (written as it was said)

Summer - The tree has fallen down onto the car

Olivia S-S - People might be in the car and stuck

Jared - Man with an axe would chop the tree and open car with key

Caylem - Tree smashed the gate, squashed the car and flattened

Robbie - Someone needs to push the tree off the car

Rhys G - Tree bent the gate

Tallulah - Storm might have crashed the tree down

Ellie Gr -Wind blown the tree down

Riley - There's tape round the tree

Ellie Grif - If people are in this side of the car, they can get out of the other side

Lewis - Gate is snapped

Matthew - Firemen might move the tree

Marshall - Move it with a fire engine using the crane

Joseph - They'll have to get a new gate

This has been the best Big Talk session so far, well done FS2.

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