Sunday, 22 September 2013

I've enjoyed ...

I asked the children what they have enjoyed so far in FS2, this is what they said;

I like playing with the farm. Riley

I made a coca cola drink in the model making area. Olivia

I like playing with the train track. Rhys

I like spinning in the red top. Ellie

I like playing with bee bot. Connor

I enjoyed the dough disco. Sam

Photo of the week
Meet Moby, Lola and their two babies. They are our Giant African Land Snails and they spend time in FS2. Their favourite food is cucumber and they love having showers.

Our learning this week on PhotoPeach

Thank you for another wonderful week of learning fun.

Mrs Warner


  1. I like what you have been up to by Elizabeth in year1

  2. Alex has enjoyed looking at fs2 blog tonite he has lots of ideas for the big talk tomorrow xx